Academic Support Services

Welcome to the Math Center

The Math Center offers drop-in tutoring in Library 387 from 7-9pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Qualified peer tutors are available to help with homework and problem sets, questions about course material, and clarification of concepts throughout the semester. To get the most of your sessions here, please remember the following:

  1. The tutors are available to help you find your own way through your assignments and goals at Reed. Having questions prepared helps them help you.
  2. We encourage everyone to work together while at the same time being considerate of the tutors and the other students.
  3. Please remember, as with everywhere at Reed, behavior in keeping with the Honor Principle is an expectation.
  4. Sign in before every visit. This lets us know which subjects students are seeking help with and aids us in scheduling tutors appropriately.

If there are ways we can make the Math Center a more productive resource for you, please contact Jerry Shurman at, or if you have questions about Academic Support at Reed, please contact David Gruber at